Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
Composition of Various Committees

1.   Audit Committee:
a.   Mr. Prakash R. Bang – Chairman
b.   Mr. Mahesh Bhattad – Member
c.   Mr. Umesh Lahoti – Member
2.   Shareholder’s/ Investor Grievance Committee:
a.   Mr. Mahesh Bhattad – Chairman
b.   Mr. Umesh Lahoti – Member
c.   Mr. Ujwal Lahoti – Member
3.   Nomination and Remuneration Committee:
a.   Ms. Meghna Panchal – Chairman
b.   Mr. Mahesh Bhattard – Member
c.   Mr. Prakash Bang – Member
Fair Disclosure of UPSI_BCL

Revised code for fair disclosure of UPSI
Fair Disclosure of UPSI_BCL

Notice of Board Meeting for the Financial Year ended 2018-19
Scrutinizer’s Report on Voting Results at the 13th AGM
Newspaper notice for 13th Annual General Meeting, Book Closure and E-voting for Financial Year 2017-2018
Scrutinizer’s Report on Voting Results at the 12th AGM
Newspaper Notice for E-voting, Book Closure and Annual General Meeting for Financial Year 2016-2017
Scrutinizer’s Report on Voting Results at the 11th AGM
Newspaper Notice for E-voting and Annual General Meeting for Financial Year 2015-2016
Annual Reports

  Annual Report 2018-2019
  Notice of 14th AGM - 2018-2019
  Annual Report 2017-2018
  Notice of 13th AGM - 2017-2018
  Annual Report 2016-2017
  Notice of 12th AGM - 2016-2017
  Annual Report 2015-2016
  Notice of 11th AGM - 2015-2016
Shareholding Pattern

Unaudited as well as Audited Financial Results

Audited Financial Results 31-March-2019
Un-Audited Financial Results 30-September-2018
Audited Financial Results 31-March-2018
Un-Audited Financial Results 30-September-2017
Audited Financial Results 31-March-2017
Un-Audited Financial Results 30-September-2016
Audited Financial Results 31-March-2016